Utechsmart Mars Gaming Mouse Review


Mice are almost ‘ten a penny’ these days and competition is fierce and demanding, which in turn forces other companies to innovate. A single mouse can range from a cost effective solution that just about does the job for a ‘point and click’ use to those that are highly engineered and attractive products indeed. The former can start as little as around £4.00 pounds sterling to that of gaming mice where £50-£70 is the norm and even £100 for a mouse is not unheard of.  But this leaves the ground open between the two extremes and the battles on this ‘no-mans land’ are cut throat and deadly.

Press Release Lian Li PC-08 Dual Compartment Chassis


Lian Li Launches PC-O8 Dual-Compartment Chassis

Tempered Glass Panels and RGB Lighting Put the Spotlight on Hardware

June 11, 2015, Keelung, Taiwan – Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd today launches the PC-O8 dual-compartment chassis. Comprised of aluminium and tempered glass, the PC-O8 allows DIY builders to show off their high-end, intricate setups, while hiding cables and less eye catching components in the large compartment behind the motherboard tray.

Raijintek Triton AIO Water Cooling Kit Review


20150411_095749 (1024x741)

Computer water cooling has been all the range in the last decade and more so within the last three years. Cashing in on this industry are a myriad of differing manufacturers, providing a whole plethora of solutions that is catered for the end-user. One of these are closed-loop liquid cooling systems-offering  great ‘bang-for-buck’ prices, however in reality these early solutions performed only on a par with high end air cooling solutions and were a disappointment in general. In recent years that has changed a great deal, with many products easily overpowering that of a large heatsink/fan and whilst not approaching the power and performance of a custom water cooling solution, they ‘All In Ones’ do have sit between both extremes and as such they have their own place on the market today.

Havit Professional Gaming Keyboard Review



Havit Gaming Keyboard

Havit has recently released a brand new programmable gaming keyboard- namely the HV-KB346L gaming keyboard. This is also known as the Havit Lammergeier- as named by fan’s on their social media page’s.

The above comes fully loaded with great features such as;  it’s four backlit zones ( five if you include the logo), 13  programmable macro keys,  profile keys and lastly anti ghosting to help keep you on top of your game. 

NEWS: Thermaltake Commander TF TOUCH Fan Controller


Thermaltake Commander FT Touch Screen Fan Controller fan speed slider offers complete fan control through a user-friendly interface. (1024x683)

Well known in the industry for computer cases, power supplies and headphones.

Raijintek Arcadia (White) Chassis Review


case front

For people on a low budget there are many options out in the world today in reference to a computer chassis, however for a decent midi tower the consumer could be looking at price of £60 or more and even then one cannot expect any miracles. Believe us when we say that we have reviewed many ‘lemons’ and even at a budget of over £100 some case manufacturers cannot get it right even then. One approach  to this would be to create a ‘no thrills’ case with everything cut down back to basics and yet still keep some element of quality in there, erstwhile not back-stepping to the ‘ye-olde’ days of cutting yourself open on sheet tin and silly LED speed (bragging rights) indicator displays.

Raijintek Metis Mini ITX Chassis Review

DSCF8480 (1024x768)



Mini ITX based cases are rare and scarcer still are a product that uses the former standard but has a look of quality too.  This form factor is becoming a vast standard for not only Home Theatre-based solutions, but one for serious web surfing and even gaming. The reason for this is that one could simply hide the chassis in a cupboard so that to keep the home decor looking constant, instead of having a great big black box in the living room/bedroom. So given this information and convenience Mini ITX is starting to become the factor of choice for style-savvy home users.

OCUK Release Custom GTX 970



World-Exclusive: Two custom-tailored NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics cards with modified inductors for whisper-quiet operation by GALAX and the Caseking Group!

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