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DFI LP DK X58 Review

Introduction May you live in interesting times: An old Chinese proverb that fits in with the computer industry these days. With the advent of the Intel ‘Core I7’ and its promising architecture, motherboard manufacturers have been eager to exploit this new technology to the fullest. Seven months ago Intel released the specifications of the X58 […]

LanParty JR X58 T3H6 Review

Introduction DFI (Diamond Flower International) has long been at the forefront of enthusiast Motherboards. With the advent of the X58 chipset, DFI wasted little time in bringing their UT, DK, and JR offerrings to market. Today, the JR mATX version of DFI’s X58 offerrings will be examined and reviewed. Can a mATX Motherboard really be […]

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