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Thermochill EC6 Water Cooling Fluid

Introduction Thermochill is a company with an interesting marketing strategy. A rather simple and effective stratagem entitled Offer an alternative to all. Thermochill has built a reputation by making solid products and it is that goodwill that they thrive upon. The list of Thermochill products are growing increasingly larger, with radiators, compression barbs and now […]

Thermochill EC6 Fluid Contest

In order to help publicize our imminent review of the new coolant from Thermochill, we have launched a contest. The competition is open to anyone in the UK apart from our moderators/administrators. Overclockerstech wishes to apologize to our overseas readers as the shipping costs for the prizes would be prohibitive. The prizes are as follows: First […]

DFI Hybrid Board Finally Released

At Long last, and after many videos on the youtube and speculation on many forums, DFI have finally released their hybrid board. The following is a press-release from DFI regarding the aforementioned system board. DFI , Taipei, 20091117 –Due to the serious issue of global warming, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, saving energy […]

Navig’s Very Low Cost Tech Station

Every once in a while in the computer enthusiast community someone comes up with an idea to make something, based on a product already available on the market, and turns it into something even better.  There are hundreds of articles all over the internet where people have taken a retail product and modified it to […]

Windows 7 Tips and Tweaks

It has been a while since Windows 7 has been out in one form or another. Now that it has been released to retail, we thought it would be nice to share a collection of tips and tweaks with everybody else!

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