Thermochill EC6 Fluid Contest

In order to help publicize our imminent review of the new coolant from Thermochill, we have launched a contest. The competition is open to anyone in the UK apart from our moderators/administrators. Overclockerstech wishes to apologize to our overseas readers as the shipping costs for the prizes would be prohibitive.

The prizes are as follows: First Prize is a choice of Thermochill Clear (performance) or UV green coolant bottles in addition to the exact same radiator that was used in the testing of the aforementioned fluid, which is the rather outstanding Black Ice SR1 120. Lastly Three meters XSPC of UV green tubing ½” ID only.

Second Prize is a single bottle of Thermochill UV Blue Coolant.

What must you do to win this fantastic prize? Simply guess the exact temperature (given the equipment listed below) of the HOTTEST CORE of a CORE I7 920 (DO Stepping) when under full load and after one hour of prime 95, to the nearest whole degree! Measured by MAXIMUM temperature only!

Equipment Used, Clearflex 1/2″ id tubing, Back Ice SR1 120mm radiator, Noctua NF-P12 Fan, Heatkiller 30.0 copper CPU block(with backing plate) MCP355 pump with EK-X-RES 140MM. Pump and radiator were placed outside of the case, ambient air temperatures at 22.7 degrees. Thermochill EC6 CLear Coolant!

Enter your guess on the forums at

This contest is sponsored by Thermoxhill, XSPC and Hardware Labs.

All the usual rules apply