Welcome to Overclockers Tech! We are a site dedicated to all things overclocking; for overclockers, by overclockers. Prior to our current state, we were known as Gilgamesh Reviews. Started in 2008 by Christopher Cressey (Gilgamesh) as a primarily English site, it went through a few tumultuous periods as well as staffing changes. Dino DeCesari (Lvcoyote) partnered up with Christopher in early 2009 and began expanding the site’s readership to the United States and beyond.

As the site’s readership grew, the staff decided a name change was in order. After asking for input from the community, we settled on Overclockers Tech. The name exemplifies why we are here and who we’re writing for. The website hasn’t been the same ever since. With the help of many people from the Overclockers Tech community, it was completely revamped to coincide with the name change.

So now we find ourselves in a very good place. The site is looking better than ever (we hope). Under new hosting and a new engine, it is faster than ever. Most importantly our community continues to grow. We’re reaching a wider worldwide audience than we ever have and are looking forward to growing exponentially in the months and years to come. So come along for the ride, enjoy the articles and come say hi in our forums. We’d be thrilled to have you as part of the Overclockers Tech community!

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