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Gilgamesh Ever-changing Rig

Specifications: Lian Li PC-8000 Chassis heavily modified. Core I7 3960x 2011 pin CPU 16 Gigabytes of Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer Ras, Nvidia GTX 590 BlackIce SR1 420MM xspc RX 360MM (Both hand painted a tarnish bronze) Mayhems DT5 NOZ MSI XPOWER 2 Motherboard X79 Corsair AX 1200 WATT PSU 250GIG Samsung EVO 240GIG FULL SYSTEM […]

Hokie’s Water Upgrade

Hello everybody!  If you frequent the forums, you may already know about this, but for those that don’t, here is a little window into the evolution of the water loop in my system. This is my second water loop.  The first one was older, but it served its purpose well enough for a couple months.  […]

First Look: The DFI X58 Motherboard

DFI X58 T3e8H Revision One Today we have an exclusive: Diamond Flower International have come up trumps with their new system board.  The world of the computer enthusiast has been awaiting the X58 chipset from Intel with baited breath.  Rumors of tri-channel DDR3 and the chipset being able to support BOTH ATI Crossfire and nVidia […]

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