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CoolerMaster Spawn Gaming Mouse

Introduction Mice come in almost any shape or size these days; with some interesting designs from Roccat, Razer and even one or two from Microsoft! If your a gamer an accurate mouse is essential-otherwise you would be ‘gibbed’ before you even manage to turn around. As well as accuracy extra buttons to swap weapons, a [...]

Lian Li V354R Case Review

Introduction Self-Built Home Theatre computers typically use mini ITX based motherboards and the power supplies they use are of a similar size that offer at maximum 400 Watts of power at best. A way around this would be to go for the next size up, which is Micro Atx, which offer a wider range of [...]

OCZ Vertex 2 EX Series SATA II 2.5″ SSD Review

OCZ sent along their recently released entry in to the enterprise SSD market, the Vertex 2 EX.  The Vertex 2 Ex comes in capacities of 50 Gb, 100 Gb and 200 Gb., today we will be looking at the 50 Gb version. OCZ markets this drive for those who want to be on the cutting [...]

MSI NGTX570 Graphics Card Unboxing Overview

MSI GTX570 Reference Design Unboxing

Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler Review

The recently released Jing CPU cooler landed at our doorstep courtesy of  Thermaltake USA, so naturally a review is in order!  For those wondering what the heck “Jing” means, it’s Chinese for silence!  “Silent by Design”  is the slogan Thermaltake has assigned to the Jing, so lets run it through the paces and see what [...]

Roccat Kone[+] 6000DPI Mouse Review

How often in this world does a company launch with a fantastic product only for them to retreat into obscurity with subsequent products?  Roccat launched with a blaze of glory, and happily for us they have continued to push the envelope with every new product release. I am sure everyone remembers the original Kone mouse?  [...]

MSI X58 Big-Bang Xpower Unboxing and Overview

MSI X58 Big Bang X58 Unboxing Click to view our latest unboxing video A full review of this motherboard will be carried out soon.

Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler Un-Boxing Video

The full review of the new thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler will be published soon, but for a quick appetizer here is the un-boxing video.  Initial impressions are good, stay tuned!