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Lian Li V354R Case Review

Introduction Self-Built Home Theatre computers typically use mini ITX based motherboards and the power supplies they use are of a similar size that offer at maximum 400 Watts of power at best. A way around this would be to go for the next size up, which is Micro Atx, which offer a wider range of [...]

Lian-Li PC-V1020 (Red) Mid Tower Case Review

Long known for providing elegant, functional, and extremely well constructed computer cases, Lian-Li recently released another offering to their chassis lineup,  the PC-V1020 series.  The PC-V1020 comes in three color options; black, silver, and red.  Today we will be looking at the red version of this case. The company line “Lian Li Industrial Co., LTD [...]

Lian-Li T1 Pittstop (Spider chassis) Review

Introduction Computer chassis are all the range these days, with many a shape and size available for purchase. These products come in many differing colours and concepts; some are more unusual than others. However one manufacturer has tipped the scales in their favour (in the unusual computer chassis concepts) is Lian Li. The T1 Pit-stop [...]