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MSI X58 Big-Bang Xpower Unboxing and Overview

MSI X58 Big Bang X58 Unboxing Click to view our latest unboxing video A full review of this motherboard will be carried out soon.

EVGA X58-SLI3 (131-GT-E767-TR) Motherboard Review

Since the Intel X68 platform release is still a ways away,  motherboard manufacturers are constantly trying to breathe new life into the aging X58 platform.  Enter EVGA’s latest X58 offering, the X58-SLI3.  Based on the popular X58 SLI LE motherboard, it has been reborn to include both USB 3.0 and Sata 3 600 Mbs support.  [...]

ASUS AT3IONT-1 Deluxe MITX Board Review

   Introduction  We are in an era where personal computers are becoming smaller with each passing generation; except for those whom like to cool or use their systems in ever more esoteric ways. As a result Intel has dropped the gauntlet with the Atom processor and with the formation of MITX as the de-facto standard [...]

EVGA H55 (123-CD-E635-KR) Motherboard Review

Intel’s newest chipset offerings, the H55 and H57, promise to bring good performance at a reasonable price.  The chipsets are very similar with only a few major differences.  The most glaring difference is the lack of RAID support on the H55, while the H57 does offer it.  The other major difference is the amount of [...] – i5 661 32nm Clarkdale on BIOSTAR TH55XE has published a very nice piece by the esteemed windwithme on the new Clarkdale / H55 combo. We’ve seen a lot of news about Intel’s 32nm CPU on the internet in the past six months…Now let us take a look at Intel’s LGA 1156 platform. This platform will launch new 32nm CPU products, including [...]

eVGA P55 FTW Review

(132-LF-E657-KR) EVGA needs no introduction.  They have now been around for more than a decade.  Since the release of the X58 chipset, they have separated themselves as a top-notch enthusiast motherboard manufacturer.  As of this writing, their X58 Classified holds two out of the top five world frequency records for i7’s in the CPU-z Hall [...]

eVGA X58 Micro 121-BL-E756-TR Review

Introduction As eVGA celebrates their tenth anniversary, the company’s penetration in to the X58 market continues with their latest release, the X58 Micro.  eVGA recently challenged themselves to create a Micro ATX form factor motherboard with all the features and performance of the X58 Classified series.  There is a humorous video describing this challenge that [...]

eVGA X58 Classified Water Cooled Review

Introduction EVGA, long known for their Nvidia based video card products, has been making some great strides over the past couple of years in the motherboard market. EVGA currently offers several X58 chipset motherboards, with their Classified series being the flagship offering.  There are two available Classified versions, one with the NF200 chipset and one [...]