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Gilgamesh Ever-changing Rig

Specifications: Mountain MODS U2 UFO Duality (soon to be changed for another MM details kept secret for now) Core I7 920 CPU 5X1GIG of DDR3 1333 from Geil Nvidia XFX GTX 260 (Black Edition) Thermochill PA 140.3 Radiator (PROTOTYPE) Alphacool Yellowstone block (to be changed for a HK blocK 2X THERMOChill PA 120.3 rads Denger DEN [...]

Lvcoyote’s Rig

System Specs: eVGA X58 Classified NF200 E759 Intel I7 920 Overclocked to 4.2 Ghz 3X2gb G.SKill Perfect Storm eVGA GTX260 SSC Edition Corsair TX850W Modular PSU Lian-Li PC75B All Watercooled

Christopher Cressey (Gilgamesh)

Gilgamesh comes from the land ‘what he terms as’ where men are men. This place happens to be in Yorkshire, UK which has the famous ‘Ilkley Moor’. Yorkshire is as ancient as the land itself and has many stone circles, ancient roadway and historic towns. For those whom are from the USA and abroad, Yorkshire [...]

Dino DeCesari (Lvcoyote)

Dino lives in a small town called Omak, in North Central Washington, USA.  Omak is a beautiful area with abundant rivers, lakes, and forest Land.  He has lived there for the past seven years and is currently a member of the Omak City Council.  Dino was born and raised in Central California.  Being raised in [...]