Christopher Cressey (Gilgamesh)

Gilgamesh comes from the land ‘what he terms as’ where men are men. This place happens to be in Yorkshire, UK which has the famous ‘Ilkley Moor’. Yorkshire is as ancient as the land itself and has many stone circles, ancient roadway and historic towns. For those whom are from the USA and abroad, Yorkshire is the largest county in the United Kingdom and is the inspiration for many books, such as ‘Wuthering Heights and Jane Ayre by the Bronte’ sisters. Sometimes Gilgamesh says he feels as ancient as the land where he comes from. On a good night you might be lucky to hear Gilgamesh singing a traditional Yorkshire Tyke tune ‘On Ikley Moor Bah’At’ he might even try to sing in tune for you:) Those whom are from abroad may find it hard to speak to Gilgamesh due to his accent, as it is much different the the ‘afreet hordes in the south’.

After many years of lurking in the Overclocking background, Gilgamesh came to the forefront in 2006 by winning his section for the ABIT UK OC Championships. Since then he has worked with many board companies, offering innovative and creative ideas. His ideas and work came to the attention of DFI (Diamond Flower International) and his past projects included the DFI X48 T2RSB+

2010 Saw Gilgamesh and Overclockers Tech attain second place at the Gigabyte Overclocking contest-based within the United Kingdom

Gilgamesh’s hobbies include:

  • Extreme Overclocking
  • Water Cooling Computers
  • Dry-Ice Cooling
  • Ancient Sumerian History
  • Sumerian Cuneiform (He is recognized as the UK’s leading Sumerian specialist outside of official institutions such as Universities and specialist museums.)
  • Sumerian Mythology and Religion
  • Astronomy and Cosmology
  • And, of course, Reading

Gilgamesh is separated and has his son living with him called ‘Alexander Hugh Eridu’ and his daughter Inanna.

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