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GEIL at CEBIT 2011

Golden Emporer International Limited-otherwise known as GEIL has a rather interesting stand and showing off some nice equipment at this years CEBIT-2011. Geil known for their high quality memory modules have branched out (as you already know) into manufacturing Power Supply Units (PSU) under another name called Thortech. Staffed by Danny, Hank and Ogden-GEIL look [...]

Dimastech Gets the ‘Thumbs-up’

Dimastech the company that symbolises the word ‘quality’ are about to release a series of thumbscrews, aimed at the custom case market. For those whom are not familiar with Dimastech, they produce wonderful ‘Bench-tables’ for the avid enthusiast or those whom write for review sites. An overview of the Dimasech ‘Hard 2.5 bench table can be found [...]

XSPC Releases Two New Reservoirs

Today sees the release of two new reservoirs for the water cooling enthusiast market. Designed around the popular Liang D5 and D5 vario these products are set to provide maximum compatibility whilst being user friendly. The reservoirs attach directly to the Liang pumps, thus eliminating the need to install tubing from the reservoir to the [...]

Akasa Venom CPU Cooler Review

Introduction We reviewed the Akasa’ Nero S CPU cooler only just last month dubbed their “premium cooler”. Now however Akasa have come to the market with a cooler capable of mounting two 120mm fans titled, the “Venom”, not to be confused with the Venomous X from Thermalright. Akasa state on the box “King of Cooling”. [...]

New Prototype XSPC Block (World Exclusive Preview)

Today we are proud to announce a world exclusive! Gilgamesh at overclockerstech was lucky enough to be amongst one of the few people in an exclusive club, testing a new water block by XSPC. This site is not allowed to publish detailed photos as of yet, but we have been authorised to publish the following [...]

Cogage Arrow CPU Cooler Review

We all remember the good old days; arguing who has the best cooler – you either were a TRUE or IFX-14 lover!  This reviewer however was a TRUE fan; simply down to how easy the heatsink was to fit on the board, as compared to the huge IFX-14. However; both did have with their own issues. The IFX-14′s downfall was largely due to a [...]

The LMX Superleggera Cooler Review – New Cooling King?

We recall from last year a question that many pondered – just how far can air cooling go? Air cooling can only go so far and it won’t be long until we hit the limit. We’ve already seen some companies take to water cooling solutions with all-in-one kits – some more successful than others. It [...]

XSPC DFI Waterblock Release

WORLD Exclusive In an ever-increasing partnership with XSPC, overclockerstech can exclusive bring to you information about the new DFI  Waterblock!  This is designed to fit on the DFI UT X58 T3EH8 systemboard. This product is designed to cool not just the northbridge but all the of the board. I.E The PWM’s the North and Southbridge. [...]