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Coolermaster Case Modding Contest

Coolermaster Brings Back its World-Wide Case Mod Competition for 2011 Cooler Master’s worldwide case mod contest is back! No matter if you are an expert or an amateur, we have a great event for you to showcase your mods for the world to see. Not only will you get bragging rights, but this time the [...]

Innovation Cooling Perihelion Thermal Compound Review

Introduction. Today we are going to be taking a look at another product from Innovation Cooling, the manufacturers of IC Diamond. It is another thermal compound, as you may have guessed, called IC Perihelion. Whilst it isn’t expected to perform quite as well as their IC Diamond compound, we have been informed that it retails for quite a [...]

XSPC Releases Two New Reservoirs

Today sees the release of two new reservoirs for the water cooling enthusiast market. Designed around the popular Liang D5 and D5 vario these products are set to provide maximum compatibility whilst being user friendly. The reservoirs attach directly to the Liang pumps, thus eliminating the need to install tubing from the reservoir to the [...]

Fractal-design ‘Define R2′ Case Review

Introduction In the computer industry, cases are a rather hit and miss affair. With some monstrosities such as the forthcoming Thermaltake Ten to the elegant Lian Li cases, we have seen computer chassis come and go. Remember the days when computer cases were a drab off-white colour and full of razor sharp edges?  In those days [...]