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XSPC Releases Two New Reservoirs

Today sees the release of two new reservoirs for the water cooling enthusiast market. Designed around the popular Liang D5 and D5 vario these products are set to provide maximum compatibility whilst being user friendly. The reservoirs attach directly to the Liang pumps, thus eliminating the need to install tubing from the reservoir to the [...]

XSPC RASA CPU Water Block Review

Introduction In the performance water cooling industry, we have seen many CPU blocks vie for our attention; with many products and a myriad of interesting ideas. A company that has hugged the limelight is with their heat killer range of blocks and indeed they have been bestowed with the performance’ crown for a log time. With [...]

New Prototype XSPC Block (World Exclusive Preview)

Today we are proud to announce a world exclusive! Gilgamesh at overclockerstech was lucky enough to be amongst one of the few people in an exclusive club, testing a new water block by XSPC. This site is not allowed to publish detailed photos as of yet, but we have been authorised to publish the following [...]