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Lian Li V354R Case Review

Introduction Self-Built Home Theatre computers typically use mini ITX based motherboards and the power supplies they use are of a similar size that offer at maximum 400 Watts of power at best. A way around this would be to go for the next size up, which is Micro Atx, which offer a wider range of [...]

Lian-Li PC-V1020 (Red) Mid Tower Case Review

Long known for providing elegant, functional, and extremely well constructed computer cases, Lian-Li recently released another offering to their chassis lineup,  the PC-V1020 series.  The PC-V1020 comes in three color options; black, silver, and red.  Today we will be looking at the red version of this case. The company line “Lian Li Industrial Co., LTD [...]

Gadget Review:Dimastech ‘Hard’ Bench Table V2.5

Introduction There comes a time in any computer enthusiasts lifetime when component testing on a desk or the top of a cardboard box is simply not good enough. The consumers system is susceptible to all kind of accidental damage, making precious equipment useless. In the past enthusiasts have made their own ‘bench desks’ in order to get [...]

Lian-Li T1 Pittstop (Spider chassis) Review

Introduction Computer chassis are all the range these days, with many a shape and size available for purchase. These products come in many differing colours and concepts; some are more unusual than others. However one manufacturer has tipped the scales in their favour (in the unusual computer chassis concepts) is Lian Li. The T1 Pit-stop [...]

Antec DF-85 ‘Dark Fleet’ Case Review

Introduction The IBM compatible PC has been around since the ‘8086’ specification and for many years afterwards the computer chassis that houses all those precious components had not changed. The same old beige box with the ‘Turbo’ button became rather tiresome. At this time system builders had to be a persistent lot, with the razor [...]

Thermaltake Armor A60 Case Review

If nothing else can be said about Thermaltake, one has to admit this company is anything but boring.  Their new and innovative case designs continue on with their newest mid tower release, the Armor A60.  According to Thermaltake this chassis has the worlds first “SideClick-EasySwap” design for 3.5″ hard drives. Today we will have an in [...]

Thermaltake VL20001W2Z Element V Review

Voodoo – Color shift Fan with 6 color changing pattern for optimal gaming experience. Vivid – Three color shifting fans creates most eye catching appearance. Vary – Adjustable fan speed control for performance mode or silent mode. Ventilation – Excellent thermal performance with optimized air flow. Vast – Support up to 11X5.25 drive bay or 5X5.25 [...]

Thermaltake Armor A90 Case Review

Our recent marathon of Thermaltake case reviews forges ahead with a look at the mid tower Armor A90.  “Created for Combat” is the motto Thermaltake has applied to this chassis, no doubt in reference to it’s rugged design and emphasis on gaming. First up is a quick company profile of Thermaltake.  Once upon a time [...]