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CoolerMaster Spawn Gaming Mouse

Introduction Mice come in almost any shape or size these days; with some interesting designs from Roccat, Razer and even one or two from Microsoft! If your a gamer an accurate mouse is essential-otherwise you would be ‘gibbed’ before you even manage to turn around. As well as accuracy extra buttons to swap weapons, a [...]

Roccat Kone[+] 6000DPI Mouse Review

How often in this world does a company launch with a fantastic product only for them to retreat into obscurity with subsequent products?  Roccat launched with a blaze of glory, and happily for us they have continued to push the envelope with every new product release. I am sure everyone remembers the original Kone mouse?  [...]

Thermaltake Max5G Hard Drive Enclosure Review

Thermaltake continues to bring new and innovative products to the PC enthusiast market, and the recent release of the Max 5G 3.5 Hard Drive Enclosure keeps Thermaltake at the forefront of timely new product releases.  We will have an in depth look at the Max5G’s performance and functionality so you can see for yourself if [...]

Thermaltake eSports Challenger Gaming Keyboard Pro

The availability of Thermaltake’s new eSports gaming series of products has expanded to include gaming keyboards. There are three different Challenger keyboards to choose from and another they call the Meka G1, today we will be taking a look at the Challenger Pro model.  Before we dive in, lets have a look at a snippet [...]

Thermaltake eSports Dasher Gaming Mouse Pad

Thermaltake recently revealed their new line of professional gaming products under a product line named “Tt eSports”.  The new product line includes keyboards, mice, mouse pads, gloves, and  headsets.  Thermaltake offers two different mouse pads within this new eSports product line, the Conkor and the Dasher.   Today we will be reviewing the Dasher version. [...]

Thermaltake BlacX 5G HDD Docking Station Review

Thermaltake is rapidly becoming known as the leader of fresh and innovative ideas for the PC enthusiast market.  Today we will be looking at one of their newest offerings, the BlacX 5G hard drive docking station. The Company Line “Thermaltake, leading DIY chassis and storage enclosure brand, introduces the newest series of USB 3.0 SuperSpeed [...]

Thermaltake BlacX Duet Review

Thermaltake keeps on cranking out new and innovative products as of late and the new BlacX Duet hard drive docking station continues this new product onslaught.  Since it’s beginning in 1999 Thermaltake has rapidly become one of the industry leaders in cooling products, cases, power supplies, and a host of other computer accessories. Headquartered in [...]