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Roccat Kone[+] 6000DPI Mouse Review

How often in this world does a company launch with a fantastic product only for them to retreat into obscurity with subsequent products?  Roccat launched with a blaze of glory, and happily for us they have continued to push the envelope with every new product release. I am sure everyone remembers the original Kone mouse?  [...]

ROCCAT™ Kone[+] – Max Customization Gaming Mouse

With a 6000dpi Pro-Aim Laser Sensor and its integrated Tracking & Distance Control Unit (TDCU), the ROCCAT™ Kone[+] – Max Customization Gaming Mouse has unbelievably more power under the hood. Its maximum precision and ultimate tracking are beyond comparison. The massive upgrade made to the driver and the introduction of the EasyShift[+] button for 22 [...]

Thermaltake VL20001W2Z Element V Review

Voodoo – Color shift Fan with 6 color changing pattern for optimal gaming experience. Vivid – Three color shifting fans creates most eye catching appearance. Vary – Adjustable fan speed control for performance mode or silent mode. Ventilation – Excellent thermal performance with optimized air flow. Vast – Support up to 11X5.25 drive bay or 5X5.25 [...]

Asus Matrix ROG 5870 2GB

Asus have unveiled their latest ROG product, this time a 2GB version of the 5870 graphics card. ‘About Asus’ ASUS, a technology-oriented company with a global staff of more than ten thousand and blessed with one of the world’s top R&D teams, is renowned for high-quality products and cutting-edge innovation. As a leading company in [...]