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Titan Fenrir TTC-NK85TZ/V2 CPU Cooler Review

Introduction Over the course of the past six months, there has been one brand of cooler causing a real stir among many cooling ranks. This reviewer even had Thermalright banging on ones door demanding answers as to why the Titan Fenrir is so good in the reviews they have seen. Today, we shall be taking [...]

Cogage Arrow CPU Cooler Review

We all remember the good old days; arguing who has the best cooler – you either were a TRUE or IFX-14 lover!  This reviewer however was a TRUE fan; simply down to how easy the heatsink was to fit on the board, as compared to the huge IFX-14. However; both did have with their own issues. The IFX-14′s downfall was largely due to a [...]

Best CPU Cooler – AM3 Review

Overclocking the CPU increases the overall performance of our computers. Of course, there’s always a side effect of overclocking – increased heat output generated by the CPU. A good CPU cooler is becoming just as important as the CPU itself. When you think of CPU cooling on air, many will say it’s not all that [...]