XSPC DFI Waterblock Release

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In an ever-increasing partnership with XSPC, overclockerstech can exclusive bring to you information about the new DFI  Waterblock!  This is designed to fit on the DFI UT X58 T3EH8 systemboard. This product is designed to cool not just the northbridge but all the of the board. I.E The PWM’s the North and Southbridge.

Note that the amount of wattage that goes through the DFI UT PWM’s is around 200 watts plus 75 watts for the MCH making a total of 275 watts;not factoring into account the small wattage of the ICH! Usally most of this heat is then outputted into your case-this increasing CPU temperatures and possibly limiting your Overclocking score!

Needless to say-they will be available within the week, and overclockerstech will be the first to review this product.

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At these high temperatures, it would be prudent to make sure you have a sufficient radiator available (especially if you require near-silent cooling)

Overclockerstech recommends the following products for use with this waterblock.





These radiators available from www.cclonline.com, www.watercooled-pcs.co.uk, www.aqua-tuning.co.uk

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