Akasa Venom CPU Cooler Review

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We reviewed the Akasa’ Nero S CPU cooler only just last month dubbed their “premium cooler”. Now however Akasa have come to the market with a cooler capable of mounting two 120mm fans titled, the “Venom”, not to be confused with the Venomous X from Thermalright. Akasa state on the box “King of Cooling”. Now this isn’t to be taken offense but Akasa is more known for their low cost budget coolers delivering serious bang for buck for any consumer, CPU or GPU cooling. When a company takes a brave step to dub there cooler so, one can only be pessimistic. However, no doubt it will probably be the best cooler Akasa produce to date. With the tag line on the box, “unlock Venom GAME ON!”, we could be in for a real treat with a cooler offering a lot of cooling potential.

About Akasa

Akasa design and manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality technology products including coolers, heatsinks and fans. They work closely with Intel and AMD to ensure the products match the complex demands of CPU and form-factor technology. So when new, advanced technology arrives, Akasa have the products and expertise to make it work for you.


Heatsink Material: Aluminum fins, Copper heatpipes

Weight: 805g

Cooler Dimensions: 120x96x160mm

Socket: Intel LGA775/1156/1366, AMD AM2/AM3

Fan Speed: 600-1900RPM (PWM Controlled)

Noise Level: 6.9-28.9dB(A)