Akasa Venom CPU Cooler Review

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The Results


It could be said that Akasa have come up with a great formula with their latest cooler. When we placed our high performance fan onto the Venom as we have done with the other coolers tested, we can see that it’s only within 2C of the Venomous X and Megahalems. Better still, just one 1C behind the low cost favorite; the Titan Fenrir. Compared to their previous cooler, the Nero S with the same fan and speed is a good 3C behind the newest cooler. When we used the S-Flow fan provided and set it to run at 1200RPM, we obtained a readout of 81C on the loaded i7 system. When using two of the S-Flow Venom fans at the same speed again, we see only a 3C difference which we were expecting a little more to be honest. However bear in mind we used a fan controller to keep the fan(s) running at 1200RPM as thats what we found to be the sweet spot both noise to CFM ratio – great cooling without losing noise comfort levels. With the fans at full throttle, we’re sure to see a bigger margin.

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