AKASA Nero S CPU Cooler Review

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AKASA cooling in many people’s eyes has been a brand associated with decent low cost cooling for a while now. They may not shout about being the best, as they are not and they know it. What AKASA is good at is bringing cheap, bang for buck cooling to the market with their heatsinks and fans. Today though, we see AKASA step up a gear with their newest heatsink; the Nero S which they say is their ‘Premier Cooler’.


Size (HxWxD): 120 x 87 x 160 mm

Weight: 726g without fan

Material: Aluminium fins, copper heatpipes

Fan Size: One 120 x 120 x 25mm

Socket: Intel LGA775, LGA1156, LGA1366 | AMD 939, AM2, AM2+, AM3

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