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Titan Fenrir EVO CPU Cooler Review

Titan Fenrir EVO Review Manufacturer: Titan UK Price (time of writing): £30-35 Inc VAT (Stocking at Aria soon) Introduction Bling bling baby, bling bling. The Titan Fenrir EVO has finally arrived to our labs and you’d be mistaken if it rolled up with tinted black windows and wearing a gold chain. Yes, the latest addition to the [...]

Cogage Arrow CPU Cooler Review

We all remember the good old days; arguing who has the best cooler – you either were a TRUE or IFX-14 lover!  This reviewer however was a TRUE fan; simply down to how easy the heatsink was to fit on the board, as compared to the huge IFX-14. However; both did have with their own issues. The IFX-14′s downfall was largely due to a [...]