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BIOSTAR Mini ITX Motherboard Review


  Introduction   Small form-factor motherboards are not by any means a new thing on the market, however the price of these have refused to go down in recent years. The latter is the most important factor as users whom purchase smaller motherboards refuse to pay the same price as the larger standards. If for […]

Cooler Master Storm PULSE-R Headphones Review

headphones featured

    Introduction There are a great many headphones in the world today, ranging from the budget range that sounds akin to a myriad of peas in a tin (whilst being violently shaken) to that of the ear drum rupturing kind. Being a self confessed audio boffin this reviewer likes to check out these sort […]

Lian Li PC-D8000 Chassis Review


Introduction Ten years ago the only chassis that a water cooling enthusiast could purchase off-the-shelf was a Mountain Mods U2UFO case. However this company was based in the USA and one had to pay an over inflated delivery charge and a worrying issue that all the panels were packed in cling film.. yes you heard […]

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