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Coolink SWIF2 Fan Review

In today’s world of hot, heated hardware, there is a product for just about every price zone which can either been seen as an advantage or, to many who are inexperienced with the latest tech churning out by many companies, a huge headache. Trying to find the best value for the money can be challenging […] – Three Steps to Overclocking Your i3/i5/i7 has published a nice guide by Miahallen, a well known and very (very) good overclocker. Here’s an excerpt: So many users are searching around the net these days looking for advice on how to overclock their new systems but don’t know where to start.  To help everyone out, I decided a how-to guide was in […]


Noctua (meaning Little Owl) is a company that has built quite a reputation in recent years. This is due to recent hits such as their increasingly popular CPU heatsinks and later the illustrious NF-P12 120mm fan! Until Noctua came long, if one wished to cool a processor quietly, then traditionally they would have been pointed […]

A New Decade, a New Look

In an effort to make Overclockers Tech  more user friendly as well as (and more importantly) faster, we’ve decided to completely revamp everything for 2010. Not only is the look different, it’s different on the back end as well. We’ve switched from Joomla to WordPress for the site engine and the difference is night and […]

XSPC DFI Waterblock Release

WORLD Exclusive In an ever-increasing partnership with XSPC, overclockerstech can exclusive bring to you information about the new DFI  Waterblock!  This is designed to fit on the DFI UT X58 T3EH8 systemboard. This product is designed to cool not just the northbridge but all the of the board. I.E The PWM’s the North and Southbridge. […]

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