A New Decade, a New Look

In an effort to make Overclockers Tech  more user friendly as well as (and more importantly) faster, we’ve decided to completely revamp everything for 2010.

Not only is the look different, it’s different on the back end as well. We’ve switched from Joomla to WordPress for the site engine and the difference is night and day. The site is faster, it’s sleeker and (at least we hope) it’s easier on the eyes.

All of the links from the old site have been redirected, so we should not lose anybody from clicking on links that already exist. If anyone finds a dead link, please copy the address and post it in our forums. We’ll get it fixed ASAP!

As you will see shortly, we have also revamped the look of the forums to make the site and the forums better flow together. The old skins are still selectable if you want, but the default has changed to our new, customized skin.

As always, we don’t shy away from questions, comments or criticism. Feel free to share your thoughts in our forums!

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