Overclockers.com – Three Steps to Overclocking Your i3/i5/i7

Overclockers.com has published a nice guide by Miahallen, a well known and very (very) good overclocker. Here’s an excerpt:

So many users are searching around the net these days looking for advice on how to overclock their new systems but don’t know where to start.  To help everyone out, I decided a how-to guide was in order.  Searching around forums can be confusing and intimidating.  There are so many people willing to give advice, but who can you trust?  It’s hard to know, and I’ve seen many users sent on wild goose chases because they are following advice that doesn’t solve or even address their specific problem. I’ve also seen too much trial and error overclocking. What I will attempt to do is create a very simple three step guide to “one-size-fits-all” overclocking…

Read the full article here: 3 Step Guide to Overclock Your Core i3, i5, or i7

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