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Mayhem’s Pastel and X1 Review

Introduction Water Cooling over the last couple of years, as any enthusiast will tell you, was in danger of becoming stagnant. Very few companies, if any, were truly innovating and the ones that were making changes, were only making minor changes at best. Essentially there were only three radiator companies manufacturing products world-wide. This being […]

TT Sports Dracco Signature Headphones Review

Headphones-revealed-tt dracco

    Introduction   Headphones come in all shapes and sizes these days, from the small in-ear type to the gigantic DJ-Style models. However with the former some people (ourselves included) ┬átake exception, as obnoxious CHAV’s on the bus will blast the occupants of the aforementioned vehicle out with ‘their’ version of music. Whilst one […]

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