TT Sports Dracco Signature Headphones Review

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Headphones come in all shapes and sizes these days, from the small in-ear type to the gigantic DJ-Style models. However with the former some people (ourselves included)  take exception, as obnoxious CHAV’s on the bus will blast the occupants of the aforementioned vehicle out with ‘their’ version of music. Whilst one in theory would find no problem with this, however to the rest of the us whom do not have our ears blocked up with ‘candle wax’ the previously mentioned phones sound much akin to that of a myriad of dried peas being shaken up and down in a tin.

Headphones Box

 In some cases the latter also sound like the drone of a particularly persistent and pesky mosquito that is begging to be swatted by a rather large (I think the Financial Times should do it) newspaper. However the latter model of headphones have a sense of class. Mainly as they are rather large, however  one could not walk down your street wearing them without looking like a ‘Cyberman’ with learning difficulties.  Cue the problem of the headphones in general, either look and act like a CHAV (for our American cousins please Google the definition) or looks like a ‘Cyberman’ from Doctor Who.

Thermaltake believe that they have solved some of the problems addressed above and they promise that they sound quite good also. The local distributor based within the United Kingdom have sent these out to various record companies, with  much critical aplomb and one of the aforementioned businesses plan on selling the said headphones. The company that plan on selling these to DJ’s is called please feel free to browse their catalogue. However we digress, so let us look at the specifications of the TT Dracco Chaio headphones.

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