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EVGA H55 (123-CD-E635-KR) Motherboard Review

Intel’s newest chipset offerings, the H55 and H57, promise to bring good performance at a reasonable price. The chipsets are very similar with only a few major differences.  The most glaring difference is the lack of RAID support on the H55, while the H57 does offer it. The other major difference is the amount of […]

Cogage Arrow CPU Cooler Review

We all remember the good old days; arguing who has the best cooler – you either were a TRUE or IFX-14 lover!  This reviewer however was a TRUE fan; simply down to how easy the heatsink was to fit on the board, as compared to the huge IFX-14. However; both did have with their own issues. The IFX-14’s downfall was largely due to a […]

The LMX Superleggera Cooler Review – New Cooling King?

We recall from last year a question that many pondered – just how far can air cooling go? Air cooling can only go so far and it won’t be long until we hit the limit. We’ve already seen some companies take to water cooling solutions with all-in-one kits – some more successful than others. It […] – i5 661 32nm Clarkdale on BIOSTAR TH55XE has published a very nice piece by the esteemed windwithme on the new Clarkdale / H55 combo. We’ve seen a lot of news about Intel’s 32nm CPU on the internet in the past six months…Now let us take a look at Intel’s LGA 1156 platform. This platform will launch new 32nm CPU products, including […]

Patriot PS-100 Solid State Drive Review

Introduction The Hard disk drive is dead; long live the Solid State Drive! These are the words that many are wishing to hear these days. With the reliability of these devices, combined with a consistent read speed, lower profile, less heat, noise and the fact that they are much more efficient in terms of power […] – Corsair Hydro Series H50 Review

There is a review of Corsair’s cooler over at written by one of our own! Corsair has been known for a long time for their great RAM. When they entered the power supply market, they established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Recently they entered the case market with their Obsidian 800D […]

Best CPU Cooler – AM3 Review

Overclocking the CPU increases the overall performance of our computers. Of course, there’s always a side effect of overclocking – increased heat output generated by the CPU. A good CPU cooler is becoming just as important as the CPU itself. When you think of CPU cooling on air, many will say it’s not all that […]

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