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OCZ Agility 2 SSD Review

Introduction Solid State Drives, or better known by their moniker ‘SSD’s’ have been around for a two years; with differing models available from a myriad of manufacturers. However what is interesting that we have seen no products from the traditional hard drive companies I.E Western Digital and Seagate. Over the past twenty four months we [...]

OCZ Solid 2 Solid State Drive Review

Introduction One lives in interesting times: An old Chinese proverb that this reviewer uses on occasion. Indeed, as far as Solid state drives are concerned we are heading for those aforementioned times. Memory manufacturers are clambering all over each other in their eagerness to gain our attention and our hard-earned cash. However, this is for [...]

Patriot PS-100 Solid State Drive Review

Introduction The Hard disk drive is dead; long live the Solid State Drive! These are the words that many are wishing to hear these days. With the reliability of these devices, combined with a consistent read speed, lower profile, less heat, noise and the fact that they are much more efficient in terms of power [...]