OCZ Solid 2 Solid State Drive Review

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One lives in interesting times: An old Chinese proverb that this reviewer uses on occasion. Indeed, as far as Solid state drives are concerned we are heading for those aforementioned times. Memory manufacturers are clambering all over each other in their eagerness to gain our attention and our hard-earned cash. However, this is for our benefit as competition is good for all of us! This forces manufacturers to innovate and reduce prices, which of course is for the consumers benefit. Of course since many SSD manufacturers already produce memory, it is only a ‘short hop’ into producing Solid state Drives. However, what is concerning is that we have yet to see any products from the usual hard drive companies (apart from that of Western Digital) such as Seagate and others. Until this happens the market is wide open for the memory producers!

One such manufacturer is OCZ which was founded in 2002, in San Jose California. The company has, from its inception, been one of the world leaders in memory and power supplies. This last year they have branched out into producing solid state drives, with the  30GB  Vertex drive winning many awards.

However today we shall look at a new drive from OCZ namely theSolid 2 model. Before we go further into the review, we would just like to thank our sponsor AriaPC Technology for sending us this review sample.