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Gadget Review:Dimastech ‘Hard’ Bench Table V2.5

Introduction There comes a time in any computer enthusiasts lifetime when component testing on a desk or the top of a cardboard box is simply not good enough. The consumers system is susceptible to all kind of accidental damage, making precious equipment useless. In the past enthusiasts have made their own ‘bench desks’ in order […]

Short Gadget Review: Coolermaster USNA 95 Power Supply

Power supplies, are an often over-looked feature and in this modern day there are power supplies for everything! Such as computers, mobile phones, laptops, netbooks, hand-held game consoles and PDA’s. However PDA’S are very much redundant, so this still leaves a multitude of gadgets that need either recharging or to provide power. Wouldn’t it be […]

Lian-Li T1 Pittstop (Spider chassis) Review

Introduction Computer chassis are all the range these days, with many a shape and size available for purchase. These products come in many differing colours and concepts; some are more unusual than others. However one manufacturer has tipped the scales in their favour (in the unusual computer chassis concepts) is Lian Li. The T1 Pit-stop […]

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