Gadget Review:Dimastech ‘Hard’ Bench Table V2.5

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There comes a time in any computer enthusiasts lifetime when component testing on a desk or the top of a cardboard box is simply not good enough. The consumers system is susceptible to all kind of accidental damage, making precious equipment useless. In the past enthusiasts have made their own ‘bench desks’ in order to get around this problem. However these are rather cumbersome and by no means portable. In truth you can get away in a pinch with cardboard boxes for basic system testing, However,what about advanced trouble shooting, professional component reviews, overclocking using Dry ICE/LN2 or even leak testing a water cooling system? All these issues need to be addressed and yet still make the unit portable. Various companies have tried, such as the Antec Skeleton and the Wonderful Lian Li T1 Spider bench table. However none have the rigid, solid feel about them that combines flexibility, creativeness and required cooling options that the enthusiasts need. One such company that believes that they have the answer is Dimastech.

Company Background

DimasTech SNC was created to serve a market segment for the enthusiast. In recent years the practice of testing, modding and extreme overclocking has broken new ground with regard to optimizing PC performance; however this introduces new problems in relation to the overheating of the CPU.

DimasTech SNC is part of this reality by offering professional extreme cooling solutions and technologically advanced, superior efficient cooling solutions as compared to those commonly offered by the market. Phase Change Cooling represents a very powerful cooling solution, suitable for extreme overclocking conditions or special needs of testing.

DimasTech SNC offers solutions, support and advice on any matter relating to the cooling for the PC The client can find the best solution suitable to the needs presented. The dynamism and expertise allow DimasTech SNC establish itself as a manufacturer of cooling systems for PCs, Test Station / BenchTable and as a consultant for every need of cooling.

(taken from last accessed on the 08/10/2010)