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OCZ Vertex 2 Series SSD

We received word today of the upcoming OCZ Vertex2 2.5″ SATA II SSD Drive.  This drive will be the successor to the already very popular Vertex line of SSD’s by OCZ. OCZ at a glance “Founded in 2002, San Jose, California-based OCZ Technology Group, Inc. has built on its expertise in high-speed memory to become […]

ASUS 5870 Eyefinity 6/6s/2GD5 Release

Asus has announced the release of their new ATI 5870 Eyefinity model graphics card.  The card boasts 2gb of DDR5 memory, a GPU speed of 850Mhz, and memory speed of 4800Mhz.  This new video card has the ability to support up to six monitors via the six Display Port connections.  The included Asus Voltage Tweak  […]

Zotac GTX480 and GTX470 Press Release

We received word on the new GTX480 and GTX470 offerings from Zotac.  Here is a list of the specifications as provided by Zotac. Product Name ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 480 ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 470 GPU GeForce® GTX480 GeForce® GTX 480 Engine Clock speed 700 MHz 607 MHz CUDAâ„¢ Cores 480 448 Processor Clock 1401 MHz 1215 […]

AKASA Nero S CPU Cooler Review

Introduction AKASA cooling in many people’s eyes has been a brand associated with decent low cost cooling for a while now. They may not shout about being the best, as they are not and they know it. What AKASA is good at is bringing cheap, bang for buck cooling to the market with their heatsinks and fans. […]

ThermoLab Baram 2010 CPU Cooler Review

Introduction The Baram by little known Thermolab first graced the scene last year and scooped up a flurry of awards. In fact this reviewer saw a comparative review with the Baram leading the pack ahead of the usual top performance heatsinks including the TRUE, IFX-14, and Vendetta 2. Nothing much really became of the cooler […]

Coolink Corator DS CPU Cooler Review

Introduction Dual tower heatsinks usually provide the end user with two things; performance cooling, but also lack of space. Manufacturers are continually trying to not only better their rivals, but trying to develop new ways to have the ultimate cooling solution.  This quest is to be the best of the best, or to have great […]

Point of Vew (POV) GTX480 and GTX470 Specs Released

We received information today on the GTX470 and GTX 480 offerings from Point of View (POV).   The following is an excerpt from their web site describing the Point of View company. “About Point of View Point of View, established in the year 2000, has quite simply been a success story. Since its inception, the sales […]

Asus Fermi ENGTX480 and ENGTX470 Video Card Specifications

The excitement over the release of Fermi video cards has reached a fevered pitch and the wait is just about over!  Today we received news on the Asus ENGTX480 and ENGTX470 offerings.  These cards offer massive amounts of memory and extremely high core clocks (See details next page).  For the time being it looks like […]

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