Lian Li PC-D8000 Chassis Review

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Ten years ago the only chassis that a water cooling enthusiast could purchase off-the-shelf was a Mountain Mods U2UFO case. However this company was based in the USA and one had to pay an over inflated delivery charge and a worrying issue that all the panels were packed in cling film.. yes you heard correctly ‘Cling Film’ or ‘Saran Wrap’ as our distant American cousins would say. As such scratches and  dents to the powder coating were all too common.


 These days everything has changed for the better and we have a number of companies for vying for the throne, which are under the banner of XSPC and Caselabs.  The latter have fast been gathering a reputation as the water cooling enthusiasts dream machine, however the issue is that this company is also based in the aforementioned country and if anyone wishes to purchase one of their products then an extortionate price on delivery must be paid. To make matters worse there is an import tax to consider and that is not just on the product itself but also a tax on the delivery fee. So when adding various taxes plus the delivery fee then the product can easily double in price.  The question is why would anyone go to such lengths to obtain one these chassis? The reason could be is that all these manufacturers specialise in manufacturing a product that can utilise two or more high specification water cooling radiators with very little or no modification to the chassis.

Enter Lian-Li; the aforementioned company does have the habit of producing high quality products for a myriad of differing customers and with their latest product they have high hopes that one can turn this current trend of paying hundreds of pounds Sterling in taxes and delivery costs around.

Enter the Lian-Li PCD 8000

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