Utechsmart Mars Gaming Mouse Review

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Mice are almost ‘ten a penny’ these days and competition is fierce and demanding, which in turn forces other companies to innovate. A single mouse can range from a cost effective solution that just about does the job for a ‘point and click’ use to those that are highly engineered and attractive products indeed. The former can start as little as around £4.00 pounds sterling to that of gaming mice where £50-£70 is the norm and even £100 for a mouse is not unheard of.  But this leaves the ground open between the two extremes and the battles on this ‘no-mans land’ are cut throat and deadly.

Enter the UtechSmart with their low-cost gaming Mouse, The Mars edition.


Company Background

At UtechSmart, we make people-inspired products and solutions. For all these years it has been our passion and mission to keep challenging ourselves create products that make people’s lives better, easier and more fulfilling by day to day. UtechSmart products enhance the technology that connects us to the people, activities and experiences we love….

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