HAVIT® HV-N601 HD 1280 x 720p Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

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Havit have released their Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera-namely the HV-N601, although currently the N601 is only available in America. However Havit still wanted to ship a sample over to our reviewing team here in the UK to show that Havit will go the extra mile ( 4242 miles so maybe a lot more than 1 mile ) to make sure their product’s are seen, reviewed and tested.

The HV-N601 is not just any monitoring camera as the Havit HV-N601 has some pretty nifty features like; the built-in mic, speaker, magnetic with a metal mounting disk and simple to use software ( My SmartCam ) which can be used anywhere-along with the option of up to five people able to access and view the live camera.

“What is HAVIT Wireless Video Monitoring Camera
 The HAVIT Wireless Video Monitoring Camera, is a device that lets you manage and connect with your home in an entirely new way. It’s the perfect balance of security, video monitoring, and automation­ that will make life safer and more convenient for you and your family.All-In-One System

A smart monitor equipped with a microphone, piercing siren, and battery backup for your peace of mind and constant protection. It can serve as a baby monitor, pet monitor, nanny cam, home security system, small business security system and more.

See Your Home in HD

Full 720p camera provides a clear HD video. Wide 120 degree viewing angle ensures you can see the entire room. Fully automatic infrared night vision maintains clear videos in low light settings.

Worry-free Security

Easily connects to your smartphone, can enjoy peace of mind when you’re out.

Video Conferencing

The built in microphone allows for complete live face to face video conferencing with both video and audio.

Alert Notifications

Set up instant alert notifications to be sent directly to your mobile phone. Find out instantly when something is happening and if you need to alert the proper authorities.

Watch On Your Phone

Download and install “My SmartCam app” from Google Play or Apple Appstore to record and watch videos on your phone”

Company Background 


After being liberated from the shackles of machines by advancing technology, weary people finally get time to pursue their ideal life – this is what Thoreau said in his masterpiece Walden.

In the field of PC and mobile internet, HAVIT has a more interesting way for everyone to communicate with others as well as himself. Hats off to the brilliant creators in HAVIT who integrate technology with art and intelligence through global cooperation, for ensuring exceptional visual, listening and touch experience been achieved to make our life more free

Now the enterprise has numerous loyal users in more than 160 countries. Having its trademark registered in over 60 nations, HAVIT has become a world-known brand in fashion and techniques. With various platforms such as China Import and Export Fair, GITEX Dubai, CeBIT Germany, CES/ASD America and UK’s NEC Display,the company has been making achievements in its global business and received good reputation among customers. It is attempting to fulfil each client’s ideal of perfection with unremitting effort.

HAVIT, taking ENJOY WHAT I HAVE as its motto, is seeking after a wealthy future and enjoying today with contented mind. We, at HAVIT, are looking forward to sharing the insight with colleagues and friends all over the world.

Welcome to the future of electronics- a future not being made in a factory, but within the ambitions of people just like you, for you.

www.prohavit.com/our-company last accessed 17/07/2015 )

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