Biostar H170GT3 Racing Motherboard Review

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Biostar are a system board company that have been around for a long time, providing a wide range of motherboards for business and for the home computer. Let us face it they are known for a budget solution and are not well regarded for a high-range of system boards, that other manufacturers are know for. However all that is set to change with the new ‘Racing’ series of motherboards.

Why Biostar have been derided as a motherboard company by elite computer enthusiasts, we have no clue. Yes they are budget boards but ones that seem to be very reliable.

Company Background

In the early years, BIOSTAR concentrated on the manufacture of main boards built for XT form factor. To maintain steady business growth, BIOSTAR managed to keep a large portion of its capital and manpower invested on the design and development of new products, which at the same time has enabled it to stay competitive in the rapid evolution of the computer industry.

With excellent product quality and genuine service, BIOSTAR has received positive response and recognition from its customers. It has stayed accurate and up-to-date with market information to keep it in line with market dynamics. At BIOSTAR, we are committed to our customers by offering excellent product quality, providing good and genuine customer service, achieving a reasonable production cost reduction, and preventing problems by giving more benefits and competitive prices to our customers while establishing a positive, long-term relationship. We are also determined to share our profits and successes with the general public and ultimately aim to pursue a win-win situation.

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