Lian-Li PC-Q30 Mini ITX Case review.

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Lian Li Q30

 Mini ITX based cases are rare and scarcer still are a product that uses the former standard but has a look of quality too.  This form factor is becoming a vast standard for not only Home Theatre-based solutions, but one for serious web surfing and even gaming. The reason for this is that one could simply hide the chassis in a cupboard so that to keep the home decor looking constant, instead of having a great big black box in the living room/bedroom. So given this information and convenience Mini ITX is starting to become the factor of choice for style-savvy home users. Lian Li looks set to appeal to this trend by releasing the ‘PC-Q30’ range of chassis, so without further aplomb let is take a look into their world of small form factor chassis.

According to Lian Li, they do not just have a Mini ITX case, but they have the most outrageously best looking one too.


Company Background


Lian Li Industrial Co., LTD was founded in 1983. We are one of the largest and most reputable manufacturer of aluminium PC case in Taiwan. With over twenty years of experience in the computer products field, our dedicated team of engineers, production specialists and adminstrative staff provide the finest quality accessories available on the market.


In 1993, Lian-Li Introduced the new lines of computer hardware, including bracket ( for case & interfaces), Mobile rack (for H.D.D.), mounting kit (for FDD & HDD), aluminum PC cases, IPC, external cases, server cases and more. We also provide OEM & ODM services, you are assured of designs that will meet your exact specifications, innovative ideas in manufacturing that will give your products an essential market edge.

Our outstanding quality has earned us ISO 9001 certification for all of our products. In addition, we back up our quality assurance with a two-yeara guarantee on most of our products.

 ( last accessed 1/1/2014)


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