HAVIT® HV-N601 HD 1280 x 720p Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

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Looks And Software

IMG_0656 (1024x683) IMG_0637 (1024x683)
IMG_0636 (1024x683) IMG_0642 (1024x683)

This monitoring camera / IP cam is a joy to look at, with it’s smooth tear drop design the Havit HV-N601 has no problem blending in to any room. In addition the flexibility to adjust the camera in to the position you need with it’s ball joint has come in very handy when wishing to monitor different areas.

The software utilised is an application from Google Play entitled “My SmartCam” which was very easy to install on to the mobile phone and also the tablet we used. You may watch live stream for free however should one wish to record what the camera is seeing then you can pay a subscription to save all the data direct to ( this is optional ) cloud storage. Lastly there is a microSD card slot which will take up to a 32 gigabyte card.

Qiwo Smartlink Technology Ltd who are the developer’s of the My SmartCam application also have another programme called Rcam which also works with the Havit HV-N601 ( the two seem to be the same )

My SmartCam (1024x676)

Now as we have got another wireless monitoring camera here which costs three times as much to buy we though lets see the quality, albeit the ugly gentlemen in the photos.

11063820_10153348527886839_5402883924429145639_n (960x540) 11731276_10153348521906839_1570504400_o

The screenshot on the left is using the Havit HV-N601 which retails at $54.99 in the US (around £35.25 in the UK) [Havit did let our team know that the HV-N601 will be on sale in the UK soon] whilst the screenshot on the right is from another company, and their wireless WiFi camera retails at £145 in the UK or $226 in the US.

This actually amused us a great deal seeing how the quality differs, what we found funny was you think ‘ah that is triple the price and it is HD so it must be good’ as you can see some companies do make top quality products while keeping the costs down, while other’s just use their name to bump prices up.

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