Raijintek AIDOS MITX Cooler Review

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In this section of the testing all ambient air temperatures were at a cool 18 degrees Celsius and for both coolers the usual thermal paste was utilised, that is our favourite and ever popular Innovation Cooling’s IC Diamond.

To obtain an accurate Idle temperature for the processor, the CPU itself was ran under full load for one hour on Prime 95 and left to cool and only then were the idle results taken.

Since this cooler is obviously aimed at Mini ITX based systems we thought it would be prudent to test the cooler in the following scenario:

Raijintek AIDOS build test case

Most off-the-shelf computers (MITX ones that is) that are purchased from high street retailers such as; Dixons, PC World, Curry’s and so forth come with the standard and stock Intel cooler only. This is both a bad idea and poor attention to detail as MITX systems generally have little or no airflow which is due to their nature and as such heat build up can be extreme.  This test has been an exercise to ascertain on how the standard Intel cooler would fair when utilising PRIME 95 (in order to push the CPU to run at its highest) against the Raijintek Aidos


As one can see if the main processor is used to its full potential then the stock Intel cooler is not up to its task.  This is why MITX systems purchased from high street stores, break down after a year or two-due to the extreme heat causing expansion and contraction of components. Whilst not listed in the graphs we did however notice that the stock Intel cooler allowed the CPU to reach a whopping 60 degrees (after a longer testing time) Celsius before auto shut down due to heat. whilst the Raijintek Aidos was able to keep the temperature for the same amount of time at 45 Celsius. It is worth bearing in mind that this is only a low power Intel Celeron g1480 and one can only imagine how the stock cooler would handle a more powerful processor in the same environment, a worrying concept indeed.

Personally with data like this and if the writer of this article was the CEO of Raijintek I would approach the above high street stores with this evidence and try to obtain a deal where my products-such as the AIDOS cooler would be fitted as a standard.

Testing on a DFI LANPARTY (Socket 775) Motherboard

The next motherboard we tested on was an old DFI Lanaprty p45 T3RS system, with a core 2 duo 6300 Cpu.

The test conditions are the same as the procedure shown above, however the ambient temperature was measured at a hot 23.5 degrees. In order to compare, we tested the Aidos against the Alpenfohn Brocken and the OCZ Vendetta , with the addition the system was on a test bench and not in a case.



for core 2 duo sytem 775


It is interesting to note: that even though the OCZ Vendetta 2 is a very old product it does however have a much larger surface area than the Raijintek Aidos and a 120mm fan and yet the Aidos easily out performs it and indeed equals the Alpenfohn Brocken. Not bad for a mini ITX based cooler, however we are not sure if this product will perform well in a modern and powerful processor, however for low performance machines within a MITX environment it quite clearly shows that is just the ticket.

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