Raijintek AIDOS MITX Cooler Review

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First Looks

List of parts that have been included in order to mount the Aidos CPU cooler.

  • 5x Rubber fan mounts
  • 4x Threaded screws, knurled
  • 4x Screws for LGA2011
  • 4x Black plastic nuts
  • 4x Metal nuts
  • 2x M3 screws
  • 2x AMD mounting brackets
  • 2x Intel mounting brackets
  • 1x Backplate
  • 1x Crossbar
  • 1x 92 x 92 x 25 mm fan
  • 1x Heatsink
  • 1x User’s manual
  • 1x Packet of thermal compound
IMG_0700 (1024x768)IMG_0716 (1024x768)
IMG_0718 (1024x768)IMG_0703 (1024x768)

So far the instructions look very  user friendly and as such it should be relatively straight forward to assemble.

In addition the 92mm fan is included, albeit nothing special as in its design ,however its RPM is rated quite high for a 92mm fan and such should perform quite well.

IMG_0705 (1024x768) IMG_0711 (1024x768)
Dimension [W×H×D] 92×92×25 mm
Voltage Rating 12V
Starting Voltage 7V
Speed 1000~2200 RPM [PWM controlled]
Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing
Air Flow 22.1~48.6 CFM
Air Pressure 0.73~3.53 mmH2O
Life Expectance 40,000 hrs
Noise Level 28.87 dBA [Max.]
Connector 4 pin with PWM
IMG_0724 (1024x768) IMG_0727 (1024x768)

The Aidos CPU cooler is a tiny single-tower CPU cooler made for the budget-conscious consumer. It has fourty two aluminium fins, that are easily bendable. However, they are evenly spaced and tightly secured to the four 6 mm heatpipes, thanks to its solder-less louver-fin assembly.

IMG_0731 (1024x768) IMG_0734 (1024x768)

Making use of CPU Direct Contact (C.D.C), the heatpipes on the Aidos are arranged in the traditional U-shape. This allows the heatpipes to directly touch the IHS on the processor IHS. The top of the cooler clearly shows the four heatpipes to be evenly spaced apart, with Raijintek’s logo also being clearly visible in the middle.


The assembly of the Raijintek Aidos was a breeze, it was so simple that even a UK PC WORLD employee could manage it without too much sweating. The latter does indeed truly describe the ease of installation of the product, so without further aplomb let us go ahead with the assembly.

We first installed the product into a socket 1150 mini itx motherboard and placed the latter within the Raijintek MITX chassis. We used this for the reason that it is the smallest MITX case we know of that can still accommodate standard components and an off-the-shelf graphics card.

Case with stock cooler Stock cooler internal looks

The usual motherboard backing plate has to be fitted to the rear of system and the mounting posts placed through the holes.  On the top side of the board the polymer-based retaining nuts are placed and screwed down. A good tip is to assemble one post at a time and to leave the retaining nuts loose for the meantime.   Once all posts are through the holes then it is a simple matter of tightening all the plastic nuts in order to secure the backing plate.

Motherboard backing plate Polymer locking nuts
 Intel Mounting plates  Both plates mounted

All though Raijintek do provide clips for an AMD solution, in this instance we have elected to use the INTEL mounts and as such the process was straight forward.  Place the metal clips marked ‘Intel’ onto the posts (note the direction these are placed will determine the orientation of the whole cooler) and tighten down with the metal retaining nuts. Whilst composing this review the CEO of Raijintek mentioned to us that they are offering an extra service with all their coolers that, if the purchaser of these products provides a proof of purchase and contacts Raijitnek with their details then they will receive an extra free set of slips that allows the end-user to re-orientate the cooler without disassembling the product.

The next part is place the metal crossbar over the cooler itself, from one retaining clip to another and then simply lock it down with the included two screws.

 Cross Bar angle One  Cross Bar angle two

Lastly Raijintek have provided rubber anti vibration mounting screws-which are placed on the 92mm fan and onto the cooler itself.  Metal fan clips have also been provided if one should choose to utilise them.

Fan with Mounting Grommets  Fan installed fully assembled product

Installation of the actual product was a breeze and if one examines the final installation photos carefully then one will realise that there is room for another fan on the other side of the cooler-which allows for a push-pull configuration. Mounting grommets have been provided for this solution too.

 Finished Product Angle One  Finished product Angle two

All in all a simple and effective solution for the AIDOS (still don’t like the name much) product and yet care and attention to detail has been shown on the cooler.

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