Raijintek AIDOS MITX Cooler Review

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The best things come in small packages as the saying goes, well in this case that metaphor is most certainly an apt one and for its size the performance is exceptional within a Mini ITX environment.  It does cool low specification or powered CPU really well.

If there is one issue I could find fault with, that would be the noise of the fan. On full speed it can get a little noisy and for MITX system the fan will be on high -even if it has been set to ‘automatic’ Also I would not use this on any high-end Skylake processors as quite clearly this is aimed at MITX sector of the market and I am sure Rajintek is aware of this .

There is more good news as quite clearly shown in our assembly stage is that there is room for another 92mm fan to have a push-pull configuration that will allow for more performance. It also shows that the latter-mentioned performance not only relies on having the  best fan or the largest sink but the quality on how it is put together as well as its materials.  We noticed on how thin and bendy the fins were on the cooler. They are indeed a lot more delicate than on the Apenfohn and on the Ocz products, having said that we understand why this has come about as a thinner material would disperse heat much more efficiently than a thicker material.

The price-performance of this product is also a great bonus at just £14.99 from OCUK then it is quite simply a steal.


To finish the Raintek AIDOS does exactly what it says on the tin and a little more due to its price point.


  • Wow what a price!
  • Good performance for this sector of the market.
  • Can out perform some larger sinks.
  • Quality construction


  • The 92MM Fan can be quote noisy
  • Fins are very delicate.
  • Shame about the name (pun intended)

Overclockerstech are pleased to announce a score of 9.0/10 and therefore a gold award for the Raijintek Aidos.


We would like to thank Raijintek and OCUK for this test sample.

The Aidos can be purchased by just clicking on the OCUK logo below.


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