Raijintek AIDOS MITX Cooler Review

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It is of our opinion that for a MITX cooler to work efficiently then a cooler will have to dissipate heat quickly and more importantly the heat from the CPU core will have to travel to the IHS and through to the sink and then to the fins themselves.  So for this to work then only a direct contact solution would work, Id-Est. the heatpipes themselves are making direct contact with the CPU IHS in order for the heat to be quickly transferred from one stage to another.

Product Number OP105246 / 0R100009
Dimension [W×D×H] 95×55×136 mm
Weight 325 g [Heat Sink Only]
Thermal Resistance 0.127 °C/W
Heat Sink
Base Material CPU Direct Contact [C.D.C.]
Fin Material Aluminum Alloy; Solder-less fins assembly
Q’ty 4 pcs
Dimension [W×H×D] 92×92×25 mm
Voltage Rating 12V
Starting Voltage 7V
Speed 1000~2200 RPM [PWM controlled]
Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing
Air Flow 22.1~48.6 CFM
Air Pressure 0.73~3.53 mmH2O
Life Expectance 40,000 hrs
Noise Level 28.87 dBA [Max.]
Connector 4 pin with PWM
Intel® All Socket LGA 775/1150/1155/1156/1366/2011 CPU (Core™ i3 / i5 / i7 CPU)
AMD® All FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 CPU

As luck would have it, Raijintek have had the foresight to go for a direct heatpipe contact solution of which can only aid in heat transfer.

Lastly for those whom do not have the benefit of a classical education, Aidos is the name of the Greek goddess of modesty, humility and………….shame.    Granted that Riajintek name their products after a typical Greek legend line, however it is confusing and rather worrying that this label was chosen for this product. Does the manufacturer feel shame in this item? We have no idea, so names non-withstanding let us investigate if the AIDOS deserves lives down to its name or is a gem amongst the rough.


The Raijintek’s Aidos CPU heatsink is rather small and at a budget too, whilst the box packaging mirrors the size of the cooler. The outer carton measures in at roughly 11 x 9 x 17.5 cm. The front of the box has an angled shot of the heatsink and fan, is styled in typical Raijintek corporate colours. The left side lists the specifications of the Aidos cooler, whilst the the rear is only covered in a few more shots of the cooler from varying angles.

IMG_0692 (1024x768) IMG_0696 (1024x768)
IMG_0698 (1024x768) IMG_0699 (1024x768)

The right panel sports features of the Aidos CPU cooler itself. These include the Non-Copper base design (C.D.C – CPU Direct Contact), Patented Solder-less louvre fin assembly, and a myriad more features. The top has a small paragraph that mentions that it was “Designed in Germany”.

Overall the packaging is of excellent quality and is designed to grab attention.

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