Target Components Open Day 2013


Village Hotel


Friday the 13th of September would normally be an ill-omen sort of day, but not it appears in the edge of Morley in Leeds. A relative tranquil day at the ‘Village Hotel’ sees many  new exhibitions and a myriad of differing products for the I.T re-sellers of the country. Among the most noticeable were Toshiba, Samsung, Biostar, ASROCK, Kingston and Cooler Master. Overclockers Tech   travels down the hotel to take a look on what is going on.

A great deal of business and networking was undertaken and everyone took themselves very seriously. Enter Cooler Master, we all know this company if producing some rather innovative products however who would of thought that this business would give a little chuckle among all the ever-so serious discussions.

Below are a few images of the infamous HAF-X Bike in action. An extremely noisy and dirty contraption, but fun never the less.

CM Bike 1 CM Bike 2

So then folks what do you think of the bike?


Microsoft were also present, to help expound the virtues of Windows 8.1  or are they flogging a dead horse? You decide.

Entrance Way TEAM and Vcom
DSCF5542 (1024x768) DSCF5544 (1024x768)


Do not miss the updated posts as they come in with Coolermasters show, Biostar and the rest.



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