Alpenfohn Brocken ECO CPU Cooler Review.

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With the Brocken ECO we proudly present the compact version of our bestseller Brocken 2.By reducing the overall dimensions to 126x88x150mm the latest member of the Brocken series is extremely compact.

 Promising compatibility with all Intel Cpu’s from 775 onwards plus AM2/AM3 and FM1 sockets then as a budget model it should do well.



Massive 160W TDP

Asymmetrical dual radiator design

120mm Wing Boost2 PWM fan

RockMount mounting system


Thanks to the gapless H.D.C –technology the five high performance heatpipes have direct contact to the CPU.

Upon examining the specifications and in order to cut through the marketing spiel, we are a little worried over the 160 TDP as even the aging Core I7 920 at 4.5 gig Overclock will consume around 300watts. However at that amount then water cooling is obviously the best solution if one wished for that kind of performance. The listing of 160 watts will be able to cool a myriad of differing processors, albeit with only a small ‘overclock’  in with the margin.

Packaging and First Looks.

At first glance (and to much amusement) the Alpenfohn ECO looks like it has the words broken stencilled upon the outer box like a line of white fire, however upon closer inspection it is actually spelled, as ‘Brocken’ which  is the highest peak of the ‘Harz’ mountain range and also the highest mountain of Northern Germany. Well it is with hopes that this product can live up to the dizzying heights of its namesake, however we digress.  The packaging is minimalist in nature and so is the general design.

Promising a budget price range of around £24.00 ( available at Overclockers Uk AT £24.95)

DSCF8174 (1024x724)  Box Side Brocken ECO
 Brocken ECO Top  Open Top Instructions

However the packaging does describe what the product is and its features, however there is nothing flash about it. However who cares right? It is the product that counts and a fancy design on the carton just adds to the cost, so without further ado, let us open this baby up.

Opening the flaps and lid reveals that the Brocken ECO has the usual monochrome printed instructions

Instructions ECO brocken eco mounting section
FAN and heatsink section  HSF section angle two


First Looks


Unlike previous Alpenfohn coolers the Brocken ECO lacks any form of branding or etching on the top and on the side sports a rather interesting three-finned design.

Top Part 1 Top Part Two


Heatsink Design Three fin design part two
Centre part of fin design Three fin design part four

There is a thin slice of foam in the middle of the heatsink itself, so let us investigate further, in order to see what we can find.

The tower  is split into parts by utilising a two spire system, which reveals some startling ideas that Alpenfohn have brought to the industry.  This gap does indeed make sense as there is a dead spot, of which there lacks a movement of (motor area) air. Having fins in this area would make little sense, especially when Bohr’s law of heat transfer (Two hot bodies close together will exchange heat from one body to another) is taken into account, as still or trapped air is a great insulator of heat.

Tower Design Tower Design Part Two
Tower Design Part three Tower Design Part Four

By employing the above idea then the towers can in theory work independently of each other.

The alpenfohn Brocken ECO uses a system, in which the heat pipes are in direct contact with the processor integrated heatsink spreader and thus maximise heat transfer from the CPU to the tower system.

8MM Copper Heatpipes 8MM Copper Heatpipes Part Two
8MM Copper Heatpipes Part Three 8MM Copper Heatpipes Part Four

Alpenfohn have decided not to coat the four 8mm heatpipes with nickel, in order to cut down costs, of which is not an issue at all, as coating the aforementioned pipes is just aesthetics and not for any practical application.

The Brocken ECO utilises the Wingboost 2 fan  of which is mounted onto the heatsink itself by two spring clips.

Enclosed 120mm fan AlpenFohn Motor Area Side A
Fan Blade Notch Design AlpenFohn FAN Side B

Whilst the fan blade design offers groves to maximise airflow, there is nothing unusual about it. The specifications of the fan are listed below:

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