Alpenfohn Brocken ECO CPU Cooler Review.

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Tower Design Part Four


Processor coolers are all the range, ever since the invention of the Personal Computer, with increments between heatsink models being small at best.  As a result we are coming towards the end of the ‘S-Curve’ with reference to this product and the only difference now is fan blade design and price point.  The real trick is to provide a reasonable product at a low price as to entice those ever-increasing performance hungry enthusiasts. The latter would mostly likely adopt a liquid solution, in order to satisfy their requirements, however this comes at a much higher cost.

There are many solutions that are provided by Noctua, Silverstone and Deepcool, however as previously explained these are targeted at the higher echelon of consumers whom are placed somewhere between the lower end air cooling and the start of a liquid cooling option. The price point we are speaking of is around £25.00 GBP and at this price getting the performance versus cost equation correct is indeed a difficult one.  One such company whom has an opinion on this is Alpenfohn.

Company Background


Alpenföhn® – On the top of cooling performance


Since 2008 Alpenföhn® consistently inspires gamers and enthusiasts with their unique cooling solutions. With numerous top-ratings on review pages and positive feedbacks from customers the Alpenföhn® branded models are one of the most demanded coolers on the market.

Our partnerships to China and Taiwan exist for more than 10 years. This fact proves that highest standards can be achieved even at reasonable costs. R&D and Design made in Germany vs. production in Asia is combined with the most unique product names throughout the IT industry

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