Alpenfohn Brocken ECO CPU Cooler Review.

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All in all the Alpenfohn Brocken ECO does exactly what it says on the tin, but with a little more to boot, however we would have preferred to see a fan blade design that is truly different. Whilst the aforementioned design is not a unique product, it does perform well given its low price range of around £24.98 and that does put some icing onto the cake.

We would have liked to see a different design than simple wire clips to mount the fan onto the heatsink, but the price point that this is aimed for will not allow for this. We would have also preferred an option of push/pull configuration at a slightly higher price but sadly this is not available. Also at this moment in time we are unsure weather the performance difference between the OCZ Vendetta two and the Alpenfohn Brocken ECO is due to the heatsink design or fan size or even a combination of both. However we have to admit what we are essentially doing is nit-picking on a product that is great for the price point.

The question is, would we recommend this product for the consumer in a tight budget? then in a heartbeat the answer would be a resounding yes and perhaps to the readers of this article this answer will help them in their purchase.

Overclockers Tech would like to award this product a 9 out of 10 and therefore a gold award.

This product can be purchased from OVERCLOCKERS UK for around £24.98



  • Price
  • Heatsink Design
  • Ability to daisy chain fans
  • Did we say price? Well we thought we would say it again….. price!
  • Performance is fine for the price point


  • Uninspired fan mounting method.



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