Swiftech Apogee XT Review

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Swiftech really needs no introduction. In business since 1994, they have propelled themselves into one of the premier PC cooling component manufacturers in the world and maintained that status for quite a while. Their MCR series of radiators are legendary for their number one cost-to-performance standing. They’re not the best on the market, but they cannot be beat for the price. Their MCP pumps (which are rebranded Liang) are the de facto standard in water cooling the world over. Today we are looking at their Apogee XT CPU water block.

The Apogee XT is Swiftech’s newest addition to their CPU water block family. Prior to the release of the HeatKiller 3.0, their Apogee GTZ was the top of the heap. The HK 3.0 LT and CU changed all of that, usurping Swiftech’s claim to the throne. Well, Swiftech is back and is taking no prisoners this time.

Packaging and a Closer Look

The XT comes nicely packaged in a nondescript black box with the Apogee XT label and a description of its contents. Cracking it open shows the manual and well packaged block, brackets and accessories. The block comes with two chrome barbs, two plastic herbie-style clamps, a small tube of Arctic Silver: Ceramique thermal interface material, brackets for both LGA1366 and LGA1156 CPU sockets and the instructions.

The block itself is just plain beautiful. With gunmetal grey and silver highlights, it could hardly look any better. The only block that compares, at least in this reviewer’s humble opinion is the HeatKiller 3.0 copper. There are very nice looking nickel offerings of some blocks, but those aren’t stock from the manufacturer.

The base is very smooth and polished. You can discern milling marks but only at the right angle. As you can see in the photos, the finish of the base is just as good looking as the top of the block.

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